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Are you wanting to take your Mobile Gaming to the next level but don't want to risk your hard earned progress getting wiped or banned? Want to become a pro without having to learn how to play using the claw grip?

We have come up with the perfect solution.
100% non-hacking and usable in over one hundred different mobile games, including Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite and PUBG. 

Introducing the Elite Pro™ Mobile Gaming Trigger Button Set.

A high grade, L/R Trigger Button Set that is easily installed at the top of your Mobile Device and ready to use in seconds.
What's not to love?

100% Elite Quality Ethical Edge Mobile Gaming Triggers

Our Elite Pro™ Mobile Trigger Set is an elite quality pair of trigger buttons that transform any Mobile Device into a fully usable gaming controller.
No batteries, tedious installations or bluetooth synching needed. Just clip over the top of your device and adjust your on screen controls so that your two desired functions sit underneath the trigger pads and you are ready to go!

Engineered to simulate that console controller feeling and designed to give you the edge without the worry of getting banned!

    Our Elite Pro™ Gamer Trigger Buttons are equipped with pivotal hinge clips and 5mm grip pads that emulate human thumb printing and grip to a range of devices with different thicknesses.

    Strong Grip Absorption Ethical Edge Trigger Button Set
    With smooth click button technology and a sleek edge button design, the Elite Pro™ Gaming Triggers have been engineered to simulate a full size console gaming controller.

    Leading Ergonomic Design Ethical Edge Mobile Gaming Triggers
    Specifically designed to emulate human thumb printing with no electronic parts or batteries. This product is completely undetected and ethical to use in games.

    Each Trigger Button's pivotal hinge clip easily opens and closes for quick installation and removal with zero damage or residue left to the Phone or Tablet.

    Add an Elite Pro™ Mobile Gaming Joystick (SOLD SEPARATELY) and turn your Device into a portable gaming machine!


  • Material:
    High Quality Premium Plastic

  • Colour:


  • 1 x Pair of Elite Pro™ Mobile Gaming Triggers (2 pcs)

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    Elite Pro™ Mobile Gaming Triggers
    1095 1795

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